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all what you have to do is vote for you favorite of my OC´s

I have take four of my newest

My OC Rose in my new Chibi Style

I have more, but vote only for them. please (I make more like this if many members join this)
Rules you can vote for only one
write the name of the OC do you like in the comment
write a little comment on the picture with the keyword Flower so I know you have visit my Baby.
tagged 2- 4 Friends, Watchers...
make a journal about this.

the OC who have the most Vote win and all of them who have vote for it win a Chibi and a Halfbody from me.

And for my OC- Contest please visit my Journal here. I look forward you make me happy if you like to join
big OC Contest 2017hi I open my Contest today
so first what you can draw
draw one or more of my OC´s here

 Anisa by MelodiyaMoonIsaline by MelodiyaMoon  fraise by MelodiyaMoonmary by MelodiyaMoon
Marina by MelodiyaMoon merry by MelodiyaMoonMy OC Rose in my new Chibi Style by MelodiyaMoonLuna by MelodiyaMoon  Kary by MelodiyaMoonmermaid OC xD by MelodiyaMoon
 berry by MelodiyaMoonMoon by MelodiyaMoon  Bubbles by MelodiyaMoonshana by MelodiyaMoon  Strawberry by MelodiyaMoonDaisy by MelodiyaMoon
 Tasa by MelodiyaMoon Atliyana by MelodiyaMoon more comes
  Akio by MelodiyaMoon Mauvias by MelodiyaMoon Shika by MelodiyaMoon

End 2017-12-24
Vote for Strawberry
Vote for Shana
Vote for Rose:iconnanathatha:
Vote for Luna
you get one Chibi like
Commission for by MelodiyaMoon Strawberry by MelodiyaMoon  I do Boys tom by MelodiyaMoon too

have you interesed than write a Comment here

only one Chibi per person

you can send me your OC what you like to have, or send me all your OC´s I choose one of them and draw them as a surpize Christmas Gift for you.

this Request are comes on Christmas time this mean on Dec.24, 25 and 26 I hope you can so long wait.  ^^

One big Rule for this

Don´t write me a Comment like this
"You must draw my OC!"
I love to draw for free and I offer Request for all, but I let me not command.
(this why at my last Request Journal was any member who have do this) and No I don´t draw for any people who think they must command. Sorry.

Hope you understand me.
sorry the contest is closed now.


3. Place is
:iconfirefly-8: with this entry
Jack  by Firefly-8 you win one Chibi

2. Place is
with this entry
Pumpky by ArtistLunsyyyou win two Chibis
1. Place is
with this Entry
CE: Pumpky by NanaThatha


please send me your  OC or OC´s what I have to draw
Luna by MelodiyaMoon My OC Rose in my new Chibi Style by MelodiyaMoon50 Points or 0,50 USD

  merry by MelodiyaMoon my halfbody version of my OC Jacob by MelodiyaMoon100 Points or 1,00 USD

1 - 2 Commission only per persons
than visit this great page from :icondahub: he will give you free Points if you watch, fav or give llamas to the users in his donation widget!
You can also be featured if you donate some Points
So go to dAhub now! :D (Big Grin)
what is your favorite Style of mine

Request for by MelodiyaMoon rq for by MelodiyaMoon

commission 1/2 for by MelodiyaMoon Malina by MelodiyaMoon

Marina by MelodiyaMoon Jacob by MelodiyaMoon

or 4
Contest Entry 1 for by MelodiyaMoon my halfbody version of my OC Jacob by MelodiyaMoon
Hi is anyone here who like to do some Collab Adopts or Commissions with me?

I search some peoples who like to make the lines

I like to coloring

You get than the half of points or money  (if you have paypal and like to make this for money)

please if you have interesed write here. 

Thank you. ^^
I don´t draw for anyone who come with this Comment

you must draw my OC or

Draw this!

Excuse me, but no sorry
Commission OPENBunny Emoji-88 (Hello) [V5] 
pink fabric border b 2pink fabric border b 2pink fabric border b 2 
*  YCH - School time  *

The little plushie will be customize with your character's traits and palette and expression can be change if you wish.
PRICE: 10$

You can pick between both animations.
PRICE: 12$
*  COUPLE YCH - Valentines  *

Expressions can be changed if

look at this please.
She have really a super cute Chibi style
if you have commission her look at her Journal.

Thank you.
1. any Guys who make Request

2. open Adopts for offer or for  50 - max 100 Points

I look for Mermaid, Gijinkas, Dream Selfys, Boys
my Chibis
style 1
Chibi for by MelodiyaMoon or
Style 2
Malina by MelodiyaMoon

1 - 2 Chibi per persons please


Please don´t come with this  comment: draw them, or draw this: this like how as you must draw this or them.... sorry but I must not draw it.  If you like have a Chibi from me you can write: can you draw it? or can I have..please.

please tell me what for style you like or write suprize me or you can draw in any style what you like.  Thank you

Please only fullbody ref

and last Rule

please don´t rush me, really I don´t like if anyone write me every day  5 - 10 note, have you start, are you finish.. Guys I´m a human and not a machine. And I like to do draw my own, too.

Shika by Kousagi-Hime Nela || Contest Entry by Mad-Akuma
 I hope there comes many many many more, guys i look forward for your entrys

Thank you sooooo very very much for all who join it.
at the moment I love One Piece and Luffy so much.

what for Anime/Manga is your favorite and who is your favorite Figure?

(Ok I know nobody write here)
Sally by MelodiyaMoon Malina by MelodiyaMoon Alina by MelodiyaMoon  Fraise in Strawberry Class by MelodiyaMoon

Style 2
Chibi for by MelodiyaMoon request 1/2 for by MelodiyaMoon  surprize gift for by MelodiyaMoon
10 Points you can offer too.
1 - 4 Commissions per persons
I accept art too, (Art Trade) All of Style 1 are my OC´s you can draw anyone from them

you make me happy if you Commission me ( I need points for my Contest)