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1. any Guys who make Request

2. open Adopts for offer or for  50 - max 100 Points

I look for Mermaid, Gijinkas, Dream Selfys, Boys
my Chibis
style 1
Chibi for by MelodiyaMoon or
Style 2
Malina by MelodiyaMoon

1 - 2 Chibi per person for this time


Please don´t come with this  comment: draw them, or draw this: this like how as you must draw this or them.... sorry but I must not draw it.  If you like have a Chibi from me you can write: can you draw it? or can I have..please.

please tell me what for style you like or write suprize me or you can draw in any style what you like.  Thank you

Please only fullbody ref

and last Rule

please don´t rush me, really I don´t like if anyone write me every day  5 - 10 note, have you start, are you finish.. Guys I´m a human and not a machine. And I like to do draw my own, too.

Shika by Kousagi-Hime
only one ;_; So thank you so much for this, I hope there comes many many many more, guys i look forward for your entrys

Thank you sooooo very very much for all who join it.
at the moment I love One Piece and Luffy so much.

what for Anime/Manga is your favorite and who is your favorite Figure?

(Ok I know nobody write here)
Sally by MelodiyaMoon Malina by MelodiyaMoon Alina by MelodiyaMoon  Fraise in Strawberry Class by MelodiyaMoon

Style 2
Chibi for by MelodiyaMoon request 1/2 for by MelodiyaMoon  surprize gift for by MelodiyaMoon
10 Points you can offer too.
1 - 4 Commissions per persons
I accept art too, (Art Trade) All of Style 1 are my OC´s you can draw anyone from them

you make me happy if you Commission me ( I need points for my Contest)

I have Birthday on October 26 and I look forward a beautiful gift you can draw any of my OC or one of my Favorit Guys

a list comes later.
I offer Chibis like this

surprize gift for by MelodiyaMoon Vivian  Commission 2 for by MelodiyaMoon  my art trade part with by MelodiyaMoon

My OC´s what you can draw

Anisa by MelodiyaMoon

Strawberry by MelodiyaMoon

Nela by MelodiyaMoon

or Alina
Alina by MelodiyaMoon

if you have interesed please write on this journal with exemples of your OC or OC´s if you like to make make more, we can do 1 - 4 Art Trades if you like.
Cartoon Shows, not Anime. Cartoons

normaly I don´t like Cartoons, I think they are ugly draw. I hate American Dad, Family Guy etc. Sorry for the fans but I don´t like them I hate this series.  But there are many series who I love

1. Avatar

2. Wakfu, I never have play the game, but the this Show is amazing and I love the art style it looks very like anime style.

3. Duck Tales
I don´t know but I love Scrooge, he is my favorite in Germany he name call Dagobert. xd

other older Cartoon Show I love
4. Tiny Toons

they are so cute. 

5. Tom and Jerry

6. My little pony

7. Winx Club, yes Winx Club, I don´t know but I love this show. XD

 8. Shadows of the elves

9. Schule der kleinen Vampire is a gemany Cartoon Show and I love this cute style of this.

10 Martin Mystery

what cartoons show do you like?
the new Season of Gotham Starts.

Aww my god I look so much foward than it looks so amazing.

Gotham is for me one of the best TV-Shows based on a comic what I have see in my life.

hi I open my Contest today

so first what you can draw
draw one or more of my OC´s here

Race: Human, Witch, Pirate
Like : Books, Butterflys
Alina by MelodiyaMoon [AT] MelodiyaMoon by sayonana  [AT]: Ahh~ by FluffyQueenz Blue Steampunk! by SweetPasuteru Alina by MelodiyaMoon

Race: Human
Half Indian, half English
Like: Bunnys, sweets
Nela by MelodiyaMoon Nela by SweetAdoptParadies my OC Nela by SweetAdoptParadies Nela by SweetAdoptParadies

Nature,  Berrys, cake
Kitzumi by MelodiyaMoon AT with MelodiyaMoon by Machaon999 = tis the season = by wiingu  At 10 by HieiHero

Cats, Icecream Vanilia and Strawberry
Elina by MelodiyaMoon [AT] elina by Lunataire  Elina || Art Trade by Mad-Akuma
Strawberry by MelodiyaMoon [AT] MelodiyaMoon C: by silentroce Short Cake [AT] by Very-Batty
Miyiko by MelodiyaMoon AT: Miyiko by Deadly-Deviant
Marchella by MelodiyaMoon Marchella - Art Trade by GalaxyMelody

Malina by MelodiyaMoon malina again is so dark by MelodiyaMoon

Usagi by MelodiyaMoonUsagi  Anisa by MelodiyaMoonAnisa kukka by MelodiyaMoonKukka

Luis by MelodiyaMoon   Luis || Commission  by Mad-Akuma

more boys
Davon by MelodiyaMoonDevon Jack Hatched by MelodiyaMoonJack thorsten by MelodiyaMoonThorsten

  Akio by MelodiyaMoonAkio Mauvias by MelodiyaMoonMauvias Shika by MelodiyaMoonShika xiou by MelodiyaMoonXiou

shin by MelodiyaMoonshin

Marlino by MelodiyaMoon Marlino and Malina Malina by MelodiyaMoonthey are Brother and Sister

Shin x Xiou Shonen Ai Pairing so the both are in love. XD

Nela x Luis

More comes XD

you can so many entry make do you like
all styles are accept ( Chibi, Anime, Comic, Realistic....)
any kind of art is accept (drawing, animation, clay figures, plush dolls....) Sew, tinker or whatever. xD but I look more for drawings.
your entry must be colored, they can be a pencil picture too only high Qualitiy like this Point Commission - Sunny and Stormy, I hope you know what I mean.
no bases and no Collab, the works must 100 % draw by yourself
no Ecchie, Hentai Art there are the only style or kind of art, that I not accept.


1. Place

250 Points
+ 100 Point from :iconasahinax:
a Chibi Artwork like this
Sally like the big apple xd
4 Chibis
a Chibi Watercolor painting from :iconasahinax:
a Chibi from :iconmad-akuma:
a Chibi or Fullbody from :iconnanathatha:

2. Place

100 Points
2 Chibis
a Chibi Watercolor painting from :iconasahinax:
a Chibi or Fullbody from :iconnanathatha:

3. Place

50 Points
1 Chibi
a Chibi Watercolor painting from :iconasahinax:
a Chibi or Fullbody from :iconnanathatha:

Extra prizes (only more than 30 join this contest) 10 Points for each and a Chibi from me.
best single picture
best pairing picture
best group picture
best Chibi
best Comic
best Anime/Manga
best Realistic
best Doujinshi

Extra prizes, two (only more than 100 join this contest)
best Alina pic
best Nela
best Kitzumi

so but for more Prizes, you can donate here
Donaters for my ContestI search some Donaters for my Contest, please if you like to donate a prize or Points to me
you can donate
Points, Money, Art, Core Member what do you like
I like to open this contest next weekend or in two weeks.
and all who donate a prize can join this contest, too
any who donate can join the contest, too . So please Check it. ;_;
and I have my Cheap Commission open, one Chibi cost only 50 Points.

Thank you

The Deadline of my Contst is 2017.12.25 so is on Christmas time. XD

I look forward for your entrys and wish all good luck.
Collabo-Adoptables! [OPEN] by YunYunFox
one cost only 200 Points, please check them
my old
request 2 for by MelodiyaMoon

this one
request 4 for by MelodiyaMoon

or this
chibi for by MelodiyaMoon
or this
Chibi new STyle by MelodiyaMoon
I search some Donaters for my Contest, please if you like to donate a prize or Points to me

you can donate
Points, Money, Art, Core Member what do you like

I like to open this contest next weekend or in two weeks.

and all who donate a prize can join this contest, too

*Sept. 98 - +20.07.2017

Susi was a lovley cute little cat

Today we have she put aside.
She was old and since yesterday she has not eaten anything, has already taken off extremely already and weighed only 1 kg.
She always flew because she no longer had the strength and screamed agonizingly.

She was a very good friend, she loved it when she cuddled with her. She loved strokes and enjoyed it.
She was a cat that never scratched and bite.
She was an angel when she was still alive, but now she is a real angel

Now she is with our two dogs who had already left us before 6 years ago. Now she can play with them in heaven. ; _;

Make it good my little darling, now you are redeemed from your torment

Rest in peace.

is so hard to lost a pet, than they are the best friends.

our little cute Susi with our birds. by MelodiyaMoon

Ecchie anime?

Myself I hate it.
So and why I hate it.
ok little bit Ecchie is ok and this with the big breats is not the really problem for me
but if the hero must

suck at the breast of girls that he get stronger  to fight demons or Sex to get his power free.  Or I don´t know. sorry that is so shit.
Ok I know One Piece, Fairy Tail... or many Animes has Ecchie too, but I mean really the clear Ecchie like Highshool DxD

What about you, do you hate it too. Or are you a fan of this kind of Anime?

So I know Ecchie is a famous Kind of Anime an so many are fans of this.

I don´t know understand it

ok I think my halfbody Girls are litte bit Ecchie too, they have to litte bit big breats, too. xD