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I like to open my RQ and OTC on Saturday

if you have interesed  you can write now here

for Request I draw like in this

Style 1

Style 2 (this are only for Request, ,I think I have not the allowed to make Commission with them because this is a Base. But I have asked her for making free art and this ok. )
Style 3

only for Commission
you can offer your prize or asked me for a Art Trade for them too

with simple BG
or like in this style

with detailed BG are they cost 100 Points

about the Request I take only OC I like the design. So please don´t angry if I not draw yours.

By the commission with detailed BG please let me know what you like in the BG and write me do you like this style what you see or Style 1 or Style 2 from the Commission.

what you must do is visit the full Image from my OC
please visit all them what I show here

write the name of your favorite here in this journal (two vote, one for a Girl and one for a Boy)
and why you like her or him

My OC with the most vote win and all what vote for her or him get a Chibi like this from me

My OC (not all) I do only 15 from my Chibi and if this work good, I make this after this a second with more other OC from me.



this ends next weekend.

and please check for my OC Contest here


I look more for DreamSelfy and Gaias, but you can show me others too.

If I have interesed I offer Chibis like this

Shiri for by MelodiyaMoon Eira for by MelodiyaMoon or in this Style

I open next weekend my Commission again and I like to ask you guys, For how much Points I can sell my works?

Or do you like a Paid how much to you like?

And if you interesed in Commission me?

or  is Art Trade better for you?
Dream Selfy

boy with long hair
with this Items please……
other Itims you can choose yourself

a other Boy, fox Boy…………

other I look for

Rose Bride
Cake/ Sweet Boy
Dark Cute Angel
Candy Unicorn
Flower Cat
Weapon Dog
Flower prince
Fairy Angel
Panda Girl
Panda prince
Ice Queen

hope anyone can make some of them.

I can do it myself but I have a Problem with this

Please Help me by MelodiyaMoon  I don´t know why  if ányone know what I must do, so please help me.

any get a Chibi like this from me

commission for by MelodiyaMoon next weekend than.
thank you so much for the points


Sophie (Piano Doll) [Request] by Zeroed-Red Pose Challenge by Zeroed-Red Star by Zeroed-Red  :P by Zeroed-Red Another Test by Zeroed-Red
  Ki Drews by Zeroed-Red Fursona by Zeroed-Red  Killer by Zeroed-Red Zayn (without BG) by Zeroed-Red Mei by Zeroed-Red


Commissions For Stupid0Cupid by HimawariCuteBear Half Body Commission With Blue Sky Background by HimawariCuteBear Commissions For Shadow4kuma by HimawariCuteBear Headshot Fanart of Umihara Norika by HimawariCuteBear Art trade  by HimawariCuteBear

  Contest From shana-1 by HimawariCuteBear Merry Christmas by HimawariCuteBear Request by HimawariCuteBear Kawaii~Chan by HimawariCuteBear  Done ScarletAlyssa Request by HimawariCuteBear
some people have not paid for the commission- If you commission me, make sure that you can paid. Than if you don´t paid after two weeks you have paid my full Commisson prizes and this are 150 Points each and evry week you have dont paid 10 Points more, so if you have paid not after the two weeks, in the third week you paid 160 Point each, than 170 ......

sorry but this must be, I don´t do Commissions for free
for new OC´s

if you have open Adopts for OTA

please send it to me

I can offer only art like this

thank you gift for by MelodiyaMoon or this Commission 2 for by MelodiyaMoon

I look more for Boys and Animals, but Girls are fine too.
this are ideas, but you can draw them as simple Chibis or normal without BG, but if you have time and like to draw them with my wishes. I look forward

Betty by MelodiyaMoonIdeas:  Trinking Coffee or Tea in a Maid Coffee or Draw she with with a little Dog (optimal Maltese or Pompenian) or you can draw she with Hana in a Shojo Ai Scene

Emil by MelodiyaMoon Ideas: Drive  with a Horse Carousel, Eat Icecream, Play with Kittys or hold a Teddybear.

Marchella by MelodiyaMoonIdeas:  Looks at the stars, to make magic

Kochiru by MelodiyaMoonyou can draw him with his car

Hana by MelodiyaMoonread a book,  to make her hair or visit a hair Salloon or a Shojo Ai Scene with Betty

they other comes. later

this are only ideas, you can draw them how to you like
Draw one of OC here

single characters


Lucas by MelodiyaMoon Adoma by MelodiyaMoon Black by MelodiyaMoon Masaru by MelodiyaMoon Galaxy Mouse by MelodiyaMoon

July by MelodiyaMoon and June by MelodiyaMoon

If you like to draw more Animals or Monsters you can draw them too.  xD
Bella by MelodiyaMoon

Pong Pong mons
pongpongmo 1 by MelodiyaMoon

for more information about the Character, visit them to see what she, he or they like, don´t like and what for character they have.

  • The picture needs to be of one of my OCs listed below
  • You can draw them as chibi, half body, full body etc.
  • Digital and traditional mediums are excepted
  • Feel free to simplify or change the design
  • You can post unlimited entries >w< if you wanna keep drawing them then go for it I'll love them all!!
  • Please post your entries on DA with a link back to this journal
  • Comment below with a link or thumb of your entry
  • you can donate prizes, more prizes are very welcome
  • make a journal about my Contest


1 place
a Portrait Drawing of you OC or favorite Anime Character like this
Hitsugaya by MelodiyaMoon
two Chibis you can choose the style do you like most
Request for by MelodiyaMoon or like this Gift 3 by MelodiyaMoon

200 points (sorry I can´t not more)
a Halfbody from
like this
Summer Knight (raffle entry) by thebadgerfoxdraws

a Copic Fullbody from

a Icon from

2 place unlocked if 10 member join this contest

3 place unlocked by 50 member

I need more art from

Emil by MelodiyaMoon

and Franchis
Franchis by MelodiyaMoon they both are make with bases but I do my part in my own Chibi Style
or if you like draw Girl more
Marchella by MelodiyaMoon Marchella by MelodiyaMoon

you can Choose

Style 1
Chibi  1 for by MelodiyaMoon request 1 for by MelodiyaMoon

Style 2
Request for by MelodiyaMoon Request 4 by MelodiyaMoon

if you have interesed send me your Character and write please what for a style you like from me

I like to sell my OC Bubbles

you can offer Points, Money or Art

you allowed to change her design and you have the allowed to sell she too for more points or money too

so normaly I don´t to more Request, only for holiday and it is Easter so I open it

I offer Chibi, Halfbodys and Anime Potraits


Style 1                  Style 2                        Style 3
birthday gift for by MelodiyaMoon      Request for by MelodiyaMoon          Adrien for by MelodiyaMoon

Halfbody and Anime Potraits
for by MelodiyaMoon Allen Walker by MelodiyaMoon

one per persons please

and guys I draw my Chibis with Mouse

Elo Dog
Malouk and the forgotten field by Sorance

Australian Shephard
Aussie Blue Merle 1 by cassarahealey

Fluff on the go by SaNNaS


Ragdoll by IllusoryCalm

Main Coon
Goliath the Maine Coon by Rapunzinette

munchkin there are so cute ;_;

what you like more Dogs or Cats?

I love both and I like to have a Dog and a cat. xD


last Ride of the day


the Islander

Orden Ogan


come with me to the other side


Adam Lambert


for your entertainment

What do you want from me

Fall Out Boy


Light em up

thanks for memories

one of my best friends are sell some beautiful and amazing Anime Stuff.
Oswald and Jerome *__________*

I can´t wait to watch it. ^^ I love this show so much. ^^